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Stud Chopper customer feedback


"The road to a successful business is paved with happy customers"

Emiliano Cabral, Plant Manager, Saramark, Inc., Lathrop, CA
"We purchased 2 Model E 10 hp Stud Choppers at the 2000 Metalcon tradeshow. These machines have been cutting studs for almost 8 years, trouble free. Before the Stud Choppers, it was chop saws with carbide blades. The noise was terrible and the cost for replacement blades was never ending. What a difference it makes not to have to listen to those chop saws, and nothing ever breaks. We are still using the original blades that came with the machines."

Bob Flannigan, Superintendent, Thorne Associates, Inc., Chicago, IL
"Our company has a total of 10 Stud Choppers in the field. We purchased the first 3 machines about 5 years ago and have added 7 more in the past 2 years. We are a Union company and these machines increase safety and help us be more competitive in the Chicago area. The guys like to use the Stud Choppers because they are clean, quiet and easy to operate. These machines never go down. The only thing that has been replaced on any of them is 1 muffler, for the G Model, and that's one of the oldest machines we have."

Ronald Champagne, Owner, Champagne Drywall, Inc. Agawam, MA
"I have owned a Jr Deluxe for 5 years. We do a lot of soffit work and that machine really does the job. I recently purchased an E Model 5hp because we have a big job where we have to cut a lot of big heavy gauge studs. These machines make money."

Ron Smith, Owner, R.S. Construction & Drywall, Inc., Vero Beach, FL
"I bought a Jr Deluxe at Metalcon 2006, in Tampa. We were building a theater at the time that used a lot of 6 inch 16 gauge studs. I have to say that machine paid for itself on that job and it has worked on many other jobs since then."

Phil Cutty, Plant Manager, Edon Construction CO., Inc., Alsip, IL.
"We put the first Stud Chopper on line 7 or 8 years ago in our panel shop. We used chop saws before and you could not hear yourself think. We build with a lot of 12 gauge material and cut all day long. The first machine is an E Model 10 hp and cuts 12 gauge like it cuts 16. It doesn't know the difference. We are still using the original blades. In 2007 we purchased the second Model E 10 hp and it's proving to be just as reliable as the first. These machines are much faster than chop saws and you do not have to replace blades."

Philip Kontos, Production Manager, Hephaistos Building Supplies, Inc., Long Island City, NY
"The E Model 10 hp was purchased in 2006 so that we could offer custom cutting for our customers. We manufacture studs and can produce any length but it is more efficient to produce long material and recut it with the Stud Chopper when short pieces are needed. We also cut down on waste, as we are able to recut damaged material. The Stud Chopper fits in here very well and has been trouble free."