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"The cost of manning a Chop Saw one hour a day WILL PAY for your new STUD CHOPPER!"






Stud Chopper is the only portable metal stud shear system in the world today. It cuts heavy gauge metal framing studs from 3 5/8 to 14 inches wide, and up to 12 gauge in thickness. It cuts any angles and cuts up to 30 cuts per minute. There are four models of Stud Choppers available. Three of them are mobile units.


The Model "G", is self-contained in it's own portable job box and was designed to be moved from job site to job site. It's powered by an 22 horsepower Kohler gasoline engine and it's cutting mechanism folds down safely into the locking job box. It weighs about 900 lbs. and designed to be "fork lift friendly".

The other mobile machines are called the Stud Chopper "Jr" and the "Jr Deluxe". These machines are light and portable and are powered by a 110 volt electric motor that plugs into any standard 110 volt wall outlet. They were designed with wheels and handles much like a hand truck enabling one person to move them from work area to work area. They cut light gauge metal studs up to 6" wide. The "Jr" cuts 20 gauge and lighter that's used in store interior fit-up like sofits, etc. The "Jr Deluxe" cuts 16 gauge and lighter.

The stationary unit is the Model "E" and it's powered by a 10 horsepower electric motor using 220 volt, 3 phase or 440 volt 3 phase and was designed to be used in the manufacturing plant. It has the same cutting power and specifications as the Model "G" and is extremely quiet running.

All Stud Choppers make clean cuts without burrs or sharp edges. They operate without "bone-chilling" noise, smoke, dangerous galvanic fumes, flying chips, dust or debris. And, best of all, they don't use costly disposable blades. All Stud Choppers use patented "LIFETIME BLADES"! Never buy chop saw blades again!" The savings in chop saw blades alone will more than pay for the cost of owning a Stud Chopper. However, the biggest savings is in the tremendous productivity these machines offer. Simply stated, "one man operating one Stud Chopper out produces five men on five chop saws!" This frees up man power for other more profitable tasks.

Call Stud Chopper Ohio at 513-617-1666 or and buy or lease one today.


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